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Wu-Tang Clan – Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) (1993)


1) Bring da Ruckus – This is a rude and violent songs, I think they have distorted the Shaolin spirit and meaning, which makes me feel insulted Chinese martial arts, in this song I heard more than 10 times “fucking”

2) Shame on a Nigga – Tell me, Aaron, why do you like such a strange music, you sound like you just started martial arts, I think this band understand either did not understand the spirit of martial music, it makes me sound like a weird rap, But the advantage is that it is only the noise without annoying

3) Clan in da Front – Beginning of the song resembles a mental person shouted, as a normal Chinese people I really do not know how to evaluate this song is about the Chinese martial arts of the album, which is like some are in the United States eat weird Chinese food, they refer in between authentic and non-authentic, people can not pondering

4) Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber – Chinese martial arts dub, and weird strange American English mixed feeling, I do not like rude music, I guarantee this song appeared “fuck” more than 20 times, do Chinese martial arts in American eyes you so rude?

5) Can It Be All So Simple – Wu-Tang, I think a band can play such a name, is sufficient to prove that they are like the Chinese martial arts, but they do not understand the spirit of martial arts, from their songs, I think they understand the Chinese martial arts is full of violence and manic but this song is slow and pretty.

6) Da Mystery of Chessboxin’ – I do not like this weird mix of sword and sword sound, coupled with mechanical electronic sounds, as well as American English. I think you must know what type of songs I like, otherwise how can each are sent to a song I do not like.

7) Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing ta Fuck Wit – This is an album full of rhythm, and I think it has the advantage of not appear so I hate noise and cacophony, (really, I think you and these strange bands compared to what you sing nicely, While you sing the way looks like a crazy, but your voice is normal) sounds like a fight, like the song, every song has more than 10 times “fucking” and “wu tang”, I think this is not hip-hop, but the vulgar, the band only in the promote themselves, all I can say is that so much

8) C.R.E.A.M. – Speaking, this is not an album I hate, but a strange album, with weird and rude fuck. The melody is very beautiful but not understand the story. You say they are hip-hop classic, but I listen to their songs think it is rude, because I can only understand “fucking”, you might be able to hear the songs in the story.

9) Method Man – Fun beat and rhythm but I hate so rude, I do not want to do this song evaluation, I constantly hear “fucking”, this music may be prohibited in China. This is a strange album, the band everyone has their own story, everyone has their own style, but this song is for one person?

10) Protect Ya Neck – for me to listen to the rhythm of sitting at a computer and not make me feel like entering a nightclub, like I think my English is really good slag ah ~ ~ ~ I need to be able to understand very laborious to call two people are talking about, after the sound of fighting does make me think this band in the eyes of Chinese martial arts is full of violence

11) Tearz – the beginning of the song is how it sounds? Fight yes? Or I entered the mental hospital? (Aaron, you fight before? Ferocious do?) This song a little interesting, I think that female male better than this, this is the band fights yet?

12) Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber Part II – This band must have black right? I feel in this song, very magical. This song is the album’s title song do? Does not sound so bad, at least so far I have not heard rude language, or I do not understand English

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