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Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010)


1) Dark Fantasy – Sounds cool song, great sense of rhythm, although regarding the lyrics, I do not understand because too many explanations are completely chaotic, but this does not affect my enjoyment of the song, it sounds like these people feel like in epic hip-hop church music, of course, is in my good mood, I guarantee If you feel bad to hear this song will find it very noisy.

2) Gorgeous – From the look out lyrics, whites do not like blacks, they excluded blacks, I think it makes blacks very dissatisfied, in addition, I do not know why you like this song, he bully white people. It’s bad. you do not think this is an insult to you? I think that both people sound the same, I can not distinguish between them, but this song is still cool, I think it sounds great vitality and enthusiasm but the lyrics are make me sad. I have to say, blacks and whites in some respects, is indeed a good race.

3) Power – I know this song. I’ve heard it many times, and I like it, but never knew the lyrics. I think these songs are epic. I like the chorus. I think I’m listening to this album, you need to know his history, because I could not understand the lyrics. He is one of America’s most famous singers, but everyone hates him? I think it’s like many people hate Miley Cyrus but love her songs on her radio. I thought maybe he was arrogant. Maybe the lyrics of songs I enjoy less, but the music is still great.

4) All of the Lights (Interlude) – A song without lyrics, and this album is very different from other songs, this song feels very warm and gentle, just like the way you smile at me, like people feel living in April in the spring, the spring as flowers, it would seem that a candle in the dark as warm and at ease

5) All of the Lights – I’m beginning to understand why two of the song have one name, after listened I realized, the soft violin is just the beginning, this ones the climax of the first. It sounds very wonderful music, of course, must be in the mood good time to listen, or will still feel very noisy, so I’m a little surprised the lyrics, frolicking in the bedroom in this country where there is such a reflection creator, wrote the lyrics, I think it’s worth lyrics higher than the song itself. Sometimes we are not necessarily in the songs, but we can know their feelings when we hear them.

6) Monster – I can say that this is a weird song sounds? Intense rhythms and screams. His voice sounded like in the monster or in the curse, in fact, he said a lot of bad words, I did not like very rude, but I do not mind. He says “Everybody know I’m a motherfucking monster” and I think it is smart songs saying the media saying that the singer is a monster like Power. I like most like Jay-Z’s part because he was the most emotional lyrics but everyone else did not discuss their feelings. Just singing about sex and money. I prefer Jay-Z’s emotions because it proper for the chorus.

7) So Appalled – I wanted to know why you do not want to translate the lyrics, and perhaps you are right, because the lyrics too long and boring mess. I admit, I did not read the explanations of the lyrics because this song nearly seven minutes, I think they can put those within seven minutes of the words do not say it has been difficult to go wrong, the other, the song is really boring, in these seven minutes, in addition to a bunch of people.

8) Devil in a New Dress – Suddenly the music stopped, why not a little hunch about it, I think this album has some pornographic lyrics, but more or less, or that you let me listen to the music a little porn, lyrics do not quite understand, but I still know the singer’s girlfriend dumped him, in addition to the rhythm of the song is very monotonous, I do not like this song, in addition, he speaks English very strange, difficult to listen to.

9) Runaway – I like behind the music, but I like the piano, in addition, the lyrics are very very interesting. But the song is not just unique in sound but more unique in his lyrics. Most breakup song is about a girl begging her not to leave, but this song tells her to leave because he is evil. I never heard this before. I think the Kanye’s lyrics here is very sad so I like them. However, I hate the ending. Is too long, noisy and boring, and does not stop. But I think if it is shorter, it would be perfect.

10) Hell of a Life – At first I think this song is just wretched lyrics, I do not know why singers think so, I think his voice sounds good, but his songs dirty or ugly so I do not like this song because it’s boring and obscene but I think maybe he wants to show us all of his emotions. Both the good and the bad. In the last song he seems like a selfless person but now he is disgusting but we can learn all about him and his emotions. I think he is brave for a famous singer to share his honest feelings. I also love the beat and the melody. I also think the gunshots are cool. I don’t know why but I listen to this song many times just for the beat.

11) Blame Game – I think it’s interesting that a rap album has many slow piano songs. I felt sorry for his lyrics about a sad story, sad woman, sad man, so I think that maybe he would rather not want romance because break ups make you rude and hysterical and I don’t know if everyone can recover. I think when he hears his girlfriend with her new boyfriend it’s too cruel for a heartbroken man to hear such a thing. Even I was upset listening to them but I admit when her new boyfriend says “I’ve never even seen this part of pussy town before” it laugh me to death.

12) Lost in the World – I love this song, the lyrics is very good, at least this is a spiritual love, better than the previous few first modern love, I know you have a term called the “soul mate”. I think this album shows different emotions. The music starts very soft and spiritual and become very powerful and tribal. Makes me feel very energetic. I think that is like relationships. You break up and find someone else. From sad to happy and alive.

13) Who Will Survive in America – I know that bad guys do not like to say a good word for him to advise him, the same is the case for this song, even though very few people listen, the applause is small, but it is still good, the lyrics of the song itself important than content. I think this is not just for America. I feel many same things about China. I think it is good for concluding the album. It is like a thesis statement because it is the point of the album. I think its a very good and interesting album even some parts of it are difficult to listen to at first.

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