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Kanye West – The College Dropout (2004)


1) Intro – I think the voice is funny, but this is not a song so I can not judge it.

2) We Don’t Care – Is this a song to sing for kids? This is an interesting song, because a lot of drug dealers might not bad, but can not do anything else. I think he should tell the kids to stay in school, so they do not become drug dealers.

3) Graduation Day – I agree with the teacher yelling at him because this song is not suitable for children, but can he decide that he can not graduate? I think this is a metaphor, because his music is personal. I will continue to listen and see if I understand Kanye’s mind.

4) All Falls Down – I like this singer but I really love the guitar. I will learn to play this song when I learn guitar. He makes interesting points. You do not need the most money to be happy, so if you do not think you will like your major, you can be something that doesn’t require study.

5) I’ll Fly Away – I like this music, like a wooden church from two hundred years ago, with friends and relatives, happy and enjoying life.

6) Spaceship – I like the sad melodies, but his lyrics make the song very sad for me. He does not like this job and life, and he lives in a bad area. I’m glad he became famous, he’s a very nice guy and deservs better. I wish one day, nobody will have to live hard lives like this.

7) Jesus Walks – I think his message is very interesting, Jesus loves everyone, even if you do bad things. This is an important message. I like music, but I do not think it belongs. I think this is the message of a song should have a soft, welcoming and beautiful music.

8) Never Let Me Down – I don’t like these repeating drum sounds, sounds like clapping, it is very distracting. I still like Kanye’s lyrics, but I don’t like that when Jay-Z sings his verse, it is about how great he is, but the song and music is serious music about serious topics. It makes the song seem less important.

9) Get Em High – More clapping? I do not know why, but I do not like these sounds. I want to ignore them, but now I just hate music. I can not listen to the rest of the music and decide if I like it, like when you spill my food on the floor, I could not eat it. Even though it is delicious, it has been ruined, I can not enjoy.

10) Workout Plan – The voices are more strange than before but I think this is the introduction for the next song so I can not judge.

11) The New Workout Plan – Even though this song has clapping, I like the music. I can ignore it here. When I hear this song, I want to dance, fucking awesome! Although I am disappointed in Kanye’s lyrics. I expect him to sing about serious or personal topics, but he is allowed to have fun songs for parties, but I do not want to work out when listening.

12) Slow Jamz – I think the clapping was louder in this song, and I do not know what to say but now I can’t appreciate it is a romantic song. I’m sorry I’m boring. Maybe you like this style, I can not describe why I do not like it. I think clapping drums must have a proper name, but I don’t know. I’m glad Kanye does not use them anymore.

13) Breathe In Breathe Out – Finally, there are no more clappings in the song. I like the music, it has a very cool style and drums are normal here. I saw he noticed that he stopped singing serious topic, but this is not an excuse. He wrote the album, he can sing what he wants. But my favorite is when his songs are personal.

14) School Spirit (Skit 1) – I understand, he believes that the college is not important, but he makes bad points. For many of the important work you have to go too college. Even if your degree does not always help you, no degree is worse for many people.

15) School Spirit – First, were clap drums were more popular ten years ago? Why is it almost every song? I was excited for this album because My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is so amazing, but this is before his music was his music now. I prefer his new music without the annoying sounds. Also, I understand college was a bad experience for him, bad his points are still bad. They are not for everyone.

16) School Spirit (Skit 2) – I want to ask if I wanted to become a doctor, would they let me if I did not go to school? It is important to know the job you want to be right, if you need to go to college. He is a singer, so he did not need to go to college, but most people do.

17) Lil Jimmy (Skit) – Maybe I don’t understand the point. Maybe this is a metaphor that I don’t understand. His points against college do not make sense. Nobody gets degrees in every subject. I feel this is personal for him and in the whole album, this point means something else.

18) Two Words – I love this song’s music. The guitar and drums to make a very powerful beat that I listen to more than once. I think that this album would be better if it was short. There are too many songs, most of them are bad.

19) Through the Wire – I like the music a lot for 18 seconds, but then the clapping is back. I know this is annoying I just talk about the clapping, but it ruins the music for me. I’m sure many people love the clapping, and I think I am wrong to hate it. I am sorry I can’t write interesting thoughts on the song, but now I can’t focus on the music.

20) Family Business – I like the piano, it has a very relaxing melody, and the chorus is sweet. It is important to value your family over money. I think this is a sweet message and unlike Jesus Walks, the music matches the lyrics.

21) Last Call – I actually think this is a very interesting story of his life, it is cool to share his experiences of how he became a singer. I actually like the music even though it has clapping. I guess it depends on how clapping is used, most of the album uses clapping badly. In conclusion, I think My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is more perfect, but I think it’s my fault for wanting the same thing. Maybe if I listen to it more, I will learn to like this album the same.

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