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Madvillain – Madvillainy (2004)

1) The Illest Villains – Weird and creepy at first but then that is interesting like I am listening to a broadcast. A creative song and a very classic feel. A cool way to begin the album.

2) Accordion – I found his voice is very calm, almost sounds like he is boring, between like and dislike. His lyrics are very interesting and clever.

3) Meat Grinder – I feel this album is very complex. It starts very bright then after 28 seconds, it is another music style, perfect music for sneaking in dark alleys. I prefer the second style.

4) Bistro – I think this song could have also been first. The album is a bistro and they are welcoming you. But The Illest Villains should always be first. It is too perfect.

5) Raid – I love the jazz sounds of the song but there is some disgusting sounds after one minute although I don’t know what these sounds are. I think the lyrics are amazing. It’s very difficult even with rap genius.

6) America’s Most Blunted – This must be a different style of rap. Even if I cant understand anything except the title, it is a very interesting music I have never heard. I even like the end, it has more radio broadcast sounds.

7) Sickfit – It is vary different than others, but still different itself. I don’t even know how to describe what I am hearing.

8) Rainbows – This song feels like old movie’s background music. I prefer his slow songs, its better. I enjoy the jazz feel of the album.

9) Curls – I still love the music but I am surprised by his voice. I think rappers are very excited, but he sound very boring. I think he is too busy with his intelligence and complex lyrics to be excited.

10) Do Not Fire! – I recognize the street fighter sounds. At first I was sure but it is. I love street fighter so I am excited to hear it in this album.

11) Money Folder – Actually now he is more excited so maybe his lyrics are not important now. Just kidding! The lyrics are very complex. I understand why he is your favorite rapper, but I think you just be a native speaker to appreciate him all the way.

12) Shadows of Tomorrow – I did not expect Chinese! Very interesting idea, today is the shadow of tomorrow. Also, there is no relation of the Chinese and the lyrics meaning at all.

13) Operation Lifesaver aka Mint Test – A weird title and weird lyrics. It’s a weird album with weird sounds and every song is so short. I never heard anything like this.

14) Figaro – I really like his voice, but I can’t understand, that’s too difficult for me. I am making all of an effort to listen. His lyrics are very impressive, I envy how much you can enjoy him. I can’t enjoy him as much.

15) Hardcore Hustle – His voice is very different here. I don’t like this music, its too noisy. I am not interested in this, but it doesn’t mean the music is bad. I’m just not interested.

16) Strange Ways – I love the rhythm. I ignored the lyrics this time, the background woman’s voice is good. I found most of his songs would add a radio voice at the end, it’s very interesting for the whole album.

17) Fancy Clown –It’s a gentle music at first, then it’s more excited. I like the singer and the rhythm is nice too.

18) Eye – The girl’s voice is great and the music itself is amazing too. The music sounds a little like the feeling of being in love. Its my favorite one. I also love the lyrics “when I look into your brown eyes, I get high on our love” Anyway, I love the felling the song brings to me.

19) Supervillain Theme – Very short but very cool. I like it.

20) All Caps – Not easy to understand but some lyrics are very funny and cool. The music is very dark but still exciting. I think this is the perfect theme song for a villain.

21) Great Day – The music sounds like the music for walking around town on a great day. I love the line “Prepare to get hurt and mangled like Kurt Angle”. It reminded me of you.

22) Rhinestone Cowboy – I like the song, but I think All Caps should be the last song. In conclusion, this album is amazing. I think I will listen to it more times to understand it more, and it will be an album I like and understand more the more I listen.

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